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The definition of word "to":
+2 rate 1. short for "estou"
+1 rate 2. Telecommunications Operator
+1 rate 3. Anglo-French; "to speak the truth"; In law, the act or process of questioning prospective jurors to determine whether they are qualified and suitable for service on a jury. The questioning attorneys may dismiss a juror for cause, such as when bias or preconceived notions of guilt or innocence are in evidence; they also have a limited number of peremptory challenges that they can use to dismiss a juror for any or no reason.
rate 4. abbreviation (aviation) Takeoff
rate 5. state located in northern Brazil
rate 6. short for "estou"
rate 7. TAKEOFF
rate 8. TAKEOFF
rate 9. B E T W E E N (preposition) used in phrases which show a range There must have been thirty to thirty-five (= a number between 30 and 35) people there. We've got two to three inches of snow where we are. I'd say she was about twenty to twenty-five.
rate 10. Tonga (Internet)
rate 11. Tonga (ISO 3166)
rate 12. Togo (FIPS 10-4)
rate 13. Task Order
rate 14. Hungarian Fert—-tó; Lake, eastern Austria and northwestern Hungary. The shallow lake was formerly entirely within Hungary, but in 1922 the northern two-thirds were transferred to Austria. Formed during the Pleistocene Epoch, it is Austria's lowest point, 377 ft (115 m) above sea level. Heavy reed growth along its shores supports many species of birds, which are protected by an international sanctuary and a biological station.
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